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Discover the benefits of our
pay for delete services

Improve your credit score, and reduce your debt at a fraction of the cost.

pay for delete services

Benefits of our pay for delete services

Paying for a deletion is a way to improve your credit score without having to wait seven years for negative items to fall off your credit report. The results are permanent, fast, and save you money.

Improve your credit score
Stop creditor harrassment
Reduce the amount you pay
Results are permanent

Types of collections we can help with

We have a long history of working with collection companies. In fact, we’re one of the oldest pay for delete credit repair companies in the industry, which allows us to help our clients resolve most collections. Examples of debt we may be able to help with include:

Credit card debt
Personal loan collections
Department store cards
Business collections

Some of the collection companies we've settled with

My Credit Group’s debt settlement program is unlike any out there. It’s more affordable, comes with credit repair, and will likely improve your credit instead of hurting it.

ERC pay for deletion
Pay for deletion paramount recovery
IC Systems settlements
Will outsource receivables settle?
Will Advanced recovery pay for delete?
LVNV settlement offer
Settle with credit systems international
Will midland credit management do a pay for delete?

Frequently asked questions

Is a pay for delete worth it?

Anytime you have a collection account removed from your credit report, it's going to improve your overall credit profile. To the extent which it helps will depend on your personal circumstances.

Can you pay for delete with original creditor

Pay for deletes are almost always done with a collection agency and not the original creditors. That's not to say it's never been done with an original creditor, but I've never seen it happen.

Pay for delete vs. paid in full?

It's always best to pay your debts in full according to the terms you agreed upon whenever possible. But, if because of circumstances out of your control, you find yourself with collections that you are able to pay and have removed, it's the next best thing.

Cost of your program?

It is included free without our credit repair program which is 89.00 per month, cancel anytime.

How to cancel my debt settlement contract?

Canceling your service is easy. Just call or email your debt specialist and you'll be done. No further fees or charges.

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