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Debt Settlement Services

How our debt settlement program works

Your finances are unique — your debt relief options should be too.
Your settlement program will be customized to your exact circumstances and goals.

Get Your Free Consultation

You and your debt specialist will discuss a plan that works best for you. We can try and negotiate both reduced lump sum payments, or monthly payment plans with debt collectors.

We Negotiate Your Collections

Once you and you’re debt specialist have designed a program that works for you, we send cease and desists to your creditors to try and stop the harassing calls. Then, we start the negotiation with all collectors.

You Pay the Collectors Directly

If we reach a settlement with the collectors, we gather all the documents to ensure they keep up their end of the deal. it’s important you make the payments that you agreed to.

Debt Settlement Services

Type of Debts We Can Help You Settle

We have a long history working with collection companies. In fact, we’re one of the oldest debt settlement companies in the industry, which allows us to help our clients resolve most collections. Examples of debt we may be able to help with include:

Credit Card Debt
Personal Loan Debt
Department Store Debt
Medical Bills
Business Collections

Pay for Deletions

We’re the only debt settlement company (that we’re aware of anyway) that includes pay for deletions with our negotiations.

If successful, that means not only will your collection be paid off, it will be removed completely from your credit report which could have a very positive impact on your credit score.

What That Means For You

  • Possible increase in credit score.
  • Lower debt to credit ratio.
  • Increased chances home and auto loan approval.

Benefits of our debt settlement services

My Credit Group’s debt settlement program is unlike any out there. It’s more affordable, comes with credit repair, and will likely improve your credit instead of hurting it.

Free with Credit Repair

Our debt settlement services are included free with our credit repair program

Pay For Deletions Included

We try and negotiate a pay for delete with every single settlement we do.

We Don't Hold Your Money

We never touch your money. Once we’ve negotiated a settlement, you pay the collector directly.

No Damage to Credit

Since we settle collections, it will never harm your credit score. In fact, you’re score will likely improve.

Frequently asked questions

Is debt settlement better than bankruptcy

Bankruptcy will stay on your credit report for 10 years. Since we're dealing with current collections, our program if successful will likely improve your debt to equity ratio and possibly your credit score. Keep in mind, every circumstance is different. If you need bankruptcy advice, speak to a bankruptcy attorney.

Will debt settlement hurt my credit score?

Traditional settlement programs usually do have a negative impact on your score because they tell you to stop paying your bills until you've saved enough to settle. Our program works with current collections so will not ever have a negative impact.

How long after debt settlement can I buy a house?

Impossible to say without seeing your credit profile. Some of our clients were ready while still in the process, others needed a little more work.

Cost of your program?

It is included free without our credit repair program which is 89.00 per month, cancel anytime.

How to cancel my debt settlement contract?

Canceling your service is easy. Just call or email your debt specialist and you'll be done. No further fees or charges.

Start Reducing Your Debt Today

Schedule a free consultation today to see how we can help you.

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