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Our process is comprehensive, but not complicated.

Our program addresses not only the negative accounts on your credit report, but your debt and positive accounts too. We fine-tune your entire credit profile.

How our credit repair process works

How we can help you

Once you and your credit coach decide on plan that works best for you, we do most if from there. You may have some tasks along the way, but we make the process simple.

How our credit repair process works

Make sense of your credit

The first and most important part of our process is figuring out the fastest, most effective way to safely reach your goals.

You’ll be assigned a personal credit coach and together, design a plan perfectly tailored to your personal circumstances and goals.

We’ll look at

  • Your goals
  • Your current credit
  • Your state statutes
  • Age of your debts
  • Amounts of your debts
  • Your positive credit

Delete inaccurate information

Credit bureau disputes are only going to get you so far. To get the job done right, you need the right tools.

My Credit Group uses every tool available to make sure you get the results you expect.

  • Credit bureau disputes
  • Original credit disputes
  • Debt Collector Validations
  • Goodwill Negotiations
Pay for delete credit repair services

Settle Outstanding debt

It’s just a reality that some collection accounts are going to be verified as accurate and cannot be removed.

But, most collectors are willing to settle, and sometimes for pennies on the dollar. Some will even negotiate a pay for deletion.

If a collection account is accurate, we can negotiate settlements on your behalf, and we’ll try and negotiate a pay for deletion.

More about our debt settlement services »

Credit cards for bad credit

Establish new credit

Addressing negative information is only half of our process. The other half is building positive lines of credit.

When the time is right, we’ll coach you on building the “perfect mix of credit”. We’ll tell you when to apply and who to apply with.

Frequently asked questions

Is pay for deletion guaranteed?

Nobody is obligated to settle with you for anything less than the amount that is owed. However, once it’s at the stage of collection, most do. Especially if it’s past your state’s statute of limitations

Will being added as an authorized user help my credit?

That depends on your personal credit profile, and the card you’re being added to. In most cases, yes, it does help as long as the card is in good standing with a good utilization ratio.

How do I reach my credit coach?

You can either email your coach directly, or schedule a consultation with him or her.

When you pull my credit does it hurt my score?

No. We use annual credit report which does not impact your credit score.

What's the fastest way to improve my credit score?

Impossible to say without seeing your credit. However, in most cases reducing your utilization rate will have an almost immediate impact.

What if I don't want to settle any of my accounts?

Debt settlement is included free with our program. However, it is completely optional.

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