We all want perfect credit, but sometimes life will hit you expectantly and it takes a toll on our credit.  Your once perfect credit takes a hit and while your set back was temporary, the hit on your credit takes longer to recover. Pay For Delete Services may be exactly what you need.

The purpose of this article will be to teach you the best method for repairing your credit after the dust settles, which may include credit repair, debt settlement, pay for delete services or a combination of all those things.

Removing charge-offs/Collection accounts

Can removing a charge off/Collection account actually happen?  Well, yes and no.  There are many factors that go into removing a charge off.  But first, let’s explain what a charge off means on your credit.  A “charge-off” does not mean that the bank or creditor forgot about the account and you no longer owe it.   An account that’s been charged-off has been written off by the original creditor as noncollectable, which usually results in them selling the account to a collection agency.

There are several things to consider regarding a “Charged off” account.

If the account happens to be past your State’s Statute of Limitations, the creditors/collection agency no longer have means to come after you legally (look up your state statutes).  This of course does not mean you shouldn’t pay your obligation; however, you may have a more favorable outcome and depending on the circumstance regarding why it charged off in the 1st place.  The creditor/collection agency maybe willing to remove once it has been settled.

If the charge off/Collection is within the state statute and you do not have the means to settle and they have not been bothering you, you may just want to let it be.  If they are being aggressive in their collections and the debt is still within the state statute, you may want to setup a monthly payment arrangement to avoid further collection methods.

There are of course other disputing avenues you can take regarding a “charged off” account on your credit.  You will want to obtain your credit reports, preferably from www.annaulcreditreport.com as they are free and very detailed.

If you find any information that isn’t correct, write a letter to each of the 3 credit bureaus stating that there is incorrect information that needs to be corrected or removed. You should list out the inaccurate information in your letter.

If the incorrect information can’t be verified, they’ll have to correct or remove the charge off/collection account. On many occasions the information simply can’t be verified and the entry is removed.

The dispute option and even settlement option isn’t always something a person has time to do on their own.   Give us a call for a free consultation, we will go over your credit reports and determine what is the way to help get your credit back on track.

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