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Debt settlement and pay for delete services

The most consumer-friendly debt settlement and pay for delete program available. No “third party” savings accounts, it won’t hurt your credit, and it’s included FREE with our credit repair program.

debt settlement services
debt settlement services

Reduce the amount you owe.

The process begins by having a consultation with your credit coach to discuss what type of settlement works best for you.

Reduced interest rates and collection fees.
One-time reduced lump sum payments.
Monthly payment programs.

Once we’ve decided which type of payment plan is best for you, we send the collectors a power of attorney and try to negotiate the terms you were looking for. On average we have negotiated collections by 50 percent of the original amount.

Credit repair services

Pay for Deletions

This is an important step and one no other debt settlement company does (that we’re aware of.)

During the debt settlement process, we try and negotiate a “pay for deletion” with the collection agency. This means they’ll remove it from your credit report once you’ve fulfilled your end of the new terms.

Some will agree, and some won’t. But on average we have got 80% of settled collection agency debts removed.

Debts we can help you settle

Stop creditor harassment and settle your collections for pennies on the dollar.
We include debt settlement free with our credit repair program.

Medical collections

We’ll try and settle any of your medical collections for pennies on the dollar including a pay for delete.

Credit cards

Credit card debt is an unsecured debt and the most common type of settlement.


We have typically settled unsecured collections for 50% on the dollar or less.

Personal loans

As long as your personal loans are unsecured, they too can typically be settled for less


Even if you have a repo, usually you still owe the money. We may be able to settle these too.

Business debt

Business debt is no different than personal. If it’s unsecured, we can help you settle that as well.

Frequently asked quesitons

What is a pay for delete?

My Credit Group will try and negotiate with collectors the negative item is deleted from your credit report in exchange for payment.

Can I buy a house after debt settlement?

Most lenders won't work with you immediately after debt settlement. It shows financial difficulty. That's why My Credit Group always tries to negotiate a pay for deletion.

How much does debt settlement affect your credit score?

If you have accounts that or current (or late) most debt settlement companies will tell you to stop paying. Once it goes into charge-off status they'll begin negotiating settlements. That can have a tremendous negative impact on your score. My Credit Group will never advise against paying your bills.

How much does debt settlement cost?

My Credit Group includes debt settlement and pay for delete negotiations free with or credit repair program.

Do you hold my money during debt settlement?

No. We do not touch your money and we don't ask you to put it in a third-party account. We only do the negotiations on your behalf.

Is debt settlement worth it?

If you have collections, then typically yes. If your accounts are current we highly recommend you do everything possible to continue paying your bills.

Can you guarantee settlements?

No. Nobody is obligated to settle with you

How much money will I save?

It is illegal and unethical to promise any given amount. However, on average we have settled most debts for about 50%. That doesn't mean that's what you'll get and is not a promise of future results. It's only an average of past cases.

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