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How our credit repair process works.

Our program includes everything you’ll need to achieve better credit. You may not need all of the services, but if you do they’re all included.

Four easy steps to better credit

From credit repair to debt settlement and new lines of credit, our credit repair process includes everything you need.

Free credit repair consultation

Your Free Consultation

No two credit reports are alike and neither are the solutions. Some items should be disputed, others settled, and some should be left alone. Together, you and your coach will design a plan perfectly tailored to your personal circumstances and goals.

A few of the things we consider when building your plan:

  • Your state’s statutes
  • Age of your debts
  • Amount of your debts
  • Type of debt
  • Creditor or collector
  • Collectors license status
  • Bureau discprenancies
  • and more…
Credit repair services

Remove innacurate negative information

We go well beyond credit bureau disputes like other credit repair services. We use every tool available to ensure the job gets done right. We go to the bureaus, original creditors, and collectors.

  • Credit bureau disputes
  • Original credit disputes
  • Collection validations
  • Goodwill negotiations
  • Collections
  • Late pays
  • Bankruptcies
  • Inquiries
debt settlement services

Debt settlement & pay for deletions

It’s just a reality that some accounts are legitimate and cannot be removed. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Most collection agencies will accept greatly reduced payment arrangements, and some collectors will even remove the negative item once paid.

You may not need it, or you may not want it, but if you do it’s included free with our service.

  • Reduced balances
  • Monthly payments
  • Pay for deletions
  • Goodwill interventions
Bad Credit Credit Cards

Establish new credit lines

Addressing negative information is just part of our credit repair process, the other part is building positive lines of credit.

We’ll coach you on building the “perfect mix of credit”… when to apply, and who to apply with.

We’ll also educate you on proper usage. Your utilization is a key part of your credit score and keeping that in check is vital. Not everybody needs this, but if you do it’s included for free as well.

Better Credit Starts Here

Schedule a free consultation today to see how we can help you.

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