Credit Repair

4 Simple way to save your credit during the Holiday Season


As the new year approaches for some of us, our New Year’s Resolution is to get our credit report and Credit score back in order, but before you can do that you are faced with the Holidays and maxing out your credit to please your friends and families with lavish gifts.  STOP!  Put that credit [...]

4 Simple way to save your credit during the Holiday Season2019-12-02T11:14:27-05:00

5 Mistakes to avoid when fixing my credit


Most people do all they can when it comes to credit repair.  They pay their bills and try to keep their credit cards from making the wrong charges, but for some reason, their reports and scores never quite seem to work out as well as they hope. To help you make some sense out of [...]

5 Mistakes to avoid when fixing my credit2019-11-08T14:54:04-05:00

Collection accounts and Collection agencies


We are all aware that we are responsible for our credit accounts and falling behind triggers all types of problems for your credit, namely Collection accounts.   In some cases, you may default completely with your creditor who will then charge off the account and sell it to a collection agency.  This is when you [...]

Collection accounts and Collection agencies2019-07-18T13:33:33-05:00