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Ever wonder what is in your credit report?


Your credit report is a compilation of credit accounts from past to present.   Your report records almost all financial obligations from Mortgage loans to Utilities.  Your credit report will also record name, addresses you have ever lived at and employment history.  A consumer will also see some form of public records.  Recently, the 3 Bureaus [...]

Ever wonder what is in your credit report?2019-10-08T16:18:03-05:00

Collection accounts and Collection agencies


We are all aware that we are responsible for our credit accounts and falling behind triggers all types of problems for your credit, namely Collection accounts.   In some cases, you may default completely with your creditor who will then charge off the account and sell it to a collection agency.  This is when you [...]

Collection accounts and Collection agencies2019-07-18T13:33:33-05:00

Pay For Delete and Credit Repair Services


We all want perfect credit, but sometimes life will hit you expectantly and it takes a toll on our credit.  Your once perfect credit takes a hit and while your set back was temporary, the hit on your credit takes longer to recover. Pay For Delete Services may be exactly what you need. The purpose [...]

Pay For Delete and Credit Repair Services2019-07-18T13:01:29-05:00